The Media and Internet areas dominate all relevant legal impacts of the complex communication ecosystem.

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The relevance of the communication industry does not lie only on its large share of the world GDP, but also on the fact that it is responsible for the freedom of expression and the exchange of information that transform the world. The threats to the right to freely express oneself and to the right to information are many, and our challenge is to defend such fundamental freedom in all its aspects.

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Brazil has a strong self-regulated advertising market. The regulation of such activity, represented by laws, decrees and standard rules, enacted by the Executive Committee of Standard Rules, is one of our main areas of expertise. The good practice and compliance in advertising are very important aspects of interest for our professional team, who is able to present the best solutions.

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Ethics in advertising is also very dear to us. Mastering the rules and dynamics of the CONAR – National Council of Self- Regulated Advertising, ethics in advertising is a concept of order for us. We master and act on the threats to commercial speech; we believe in advertising as a vector of social change and a diffuser of data mandatory to allow consumer to make an informed choice.

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The technical experience and expertise of our team on the peculiarities of the advertising market, with a background obtained in some of the best universities in the world, makes us not only lawyers that incidentally deal with matters related to this market, but, rather, lawyers that thoroughly know and respect such market. Further, we are sure that the model currently in effect contributes to the formation and maintenance of a vibrant market, with information and advertising of world-renowned quality. Advertisers, agencies and media, we are here to fully serve you in all your claims.

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We are prepared to represent large communication groups, entities that represent trade, advertisers, agencies, the representatives of the internet ecosystem and media in the defense of freedom of expression in civil society, government and, above all, before the Judicial Branch. Our team has the experience, knowledge and willingness to defend freedom of expression at the highest spheres of public debate, such as the Federal Supreme Court.

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The world talks about fake news, cyber bulling, privacy, data management, right to oblivion and to be forgotten, programmatic media. The challenges of the new technologies and the deregulation of the internet are subjects of great interest and discussion and are the core of our services. Our international experience aligns us with the main debates, involving all communication media, including the internet, out-of-home media, videogames and applications.

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Broadcasting plays a very important role in the Brazilian Territory. We are the right professionals to address the numerous aspects of the business, especially those issues connected with the right to inform.

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We know how the players of the communication business act, such as the media groups, video talents, pressure groups, government, which make us the best option to represent your interest in the media game.