Creative and responsible advisory and strategic litigation focusing on opportunities.

1 .

Highly technical team, with academic dedication and aimed on resolving tax controversies in depth, always with a practical view, focused on our clients’ businesses.

2 .

Strategic tax litigation, involved in the main tax discussions taking place in Brazil and frequently sought out to act in leading cases before the Superior Courts.

  • Differentiated performance in tax lawsuits, as it includes, in addition to technical and legal arguments, an approach based on empirical, economic, and market data, with a focus on demonstrating the effective impacts of the judicial decision on the community.
  • Extensive experience in leading cases before the Brazilian Supreme Court (“STF”) and the Superior Court of Justice (“STJ”) (proposing abstract actions and as amicus curiae).
  • Frequent search for new opportunities for tax clients, through monitoring of (i) legislation, (ii) paradigms to be affected by the general repercussion system and repetitive special appeals, and (iii) recently distributed abstract actions;
  • Monitoring of case law and developing technologies to identify judgment trends and the best arguments to be used in legal actions.
  • Conducting tax settlements in all spheres to negotiate liabilities and liaison with tax authorities.
  • Projects intended for creating a strategic and proactive vision of tax litigation, mitigating conflicts and reducing associated costs.

3 .

Innovative and responsible tax consultancy, involving day-to-day aspects of our clients, with focus on income and revenue taxation, tax planning and structuring of new businesses.

  • Deep knowledge of clients’ businesses, enhanced by the dual expertise in law and accounting, held by most of the members of the advisory team.
  • Structuring, alongside the Labour practice at our office, of compensation and stock option plans, as well as analyzing the tax consequences of various payroll items.
  • Also dedicated in complex and relevant issues, such as the use of goodwill and tax consequences of intercompany transactions.
  • Legal advice in tax audits, with agile and assertive response to authorities’ requests, in a technical and secure manner, and other administrative procedures related to tax assessment, such as structuring of special regimes, regularization of tax situation and debts recovery.

4 .

Tax policy: advice involving detailed technical analysis of relevant tax issues, using historical and empirical data to understand the tax implications in different scenarios; identifying equitable solutions that benefit both the client’s business and its stakeholders; strategic advice to clients on changes in tax legislation, as a tool for decision-making; and participation in public hearings, academic events, and publications, to publicise knowledge on sensitive tax issues.