Creative and responsible advisory and strategic litigation focusing on opportunities.

1 .

Represent clients in administrative and judicial proceedings with a creative approach. All cases are studied based on a complete and integrated approach through the joint efforts of the other practices of the firm, taking into account any possible variables such as actual relevance of filing the lawsuit and clear demonstration of the cost-benefit ratio to the client. By providing an analytical mapping of the case law on the matter, we identify trends in court decisions and seek to obtain key information from government agencies by means of a proper lawsuit.

2 .

Social Security Law for companies. The firm is specialized both in litigation and consulting in this area of practice; the work is performed under the coordination of highly experienced professionals also in tax and labor practices. Structuring and review of compensation plans and benefits (profits sharing plans, stock option plans, retainer fee etc.).

3 .

Tax planning and consulting. We advise clients in getting organized in a safe manner in the complex environment of tax rules, by identifying the benefits and anticipating the risks for their businesses.

4 .

Participation in leading cases in higher courts and presentation of oral arguments.

5 .

Review of tax procedures and ancillary obligations. We have developed specific legal procedures to identify unused credits.

6 .

Draft consultations to the tax authorities in specific cases of uncertainty as to the interpretation of a given tax rule.

7 .

Application for special tax regimes and tax benefits.

8 .

Collaboration with tax enforcement authorities in a transparent manner, aiming at avoiding unnecessary or avoidable litigation.

9 .

Legal assistance in obtaining certificates of good standing in an efficient and timely manner. Preventive analysis of tax debts and pending issues relating to compliance with ancillary obligations and adoption of the required measures to regularize the client’s tax status, including through the filing of lawsuit, in order to ensure the renewal of such certificates within the required time.

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