Technical, creative and efficient approach for the prevention, management and solution of labor disputes.

1 .

Consulting in labor matters in general. We address sensitive and controversial matters in legal opinions to clients, both for internal business procedures/organization and also to be used as supporting evidence in legal proceedings; analytical mapping of case law and trends in court decisions; advisory as to union affiliation; drafting and review of employment contracts, amendments and extrajudicial settlement agreements; support to termination of officers’ employment agreements; structuring of profit sharing programs, variable remuneration, stock option plans, bonus etc.; assistance in benefit harmonization; monitoring of legislative procedures before official bodies and assistance in preparing bills.

2 .

Labor Compliance. Review of labor practices, internal policies, company’s regulations, including codes of conduct and business ethics. Legal audits, including for the purposes of assisting clients in corporate transactions. Indoor training envisaging legal changes and labor law compliance.

3 .

Ministry of Labor and Employment. Represent clients in round-table discussions, special procedures for signing Commitments, including administrative proceedings in cases of notices of violation and notices in general.

4 .

Labor Prosecution Office. Represent clients in investigations and execution of commitments before such official body (Termo de Ajustamento de Conduta).

5 .

Superior Courts. Represent clients in the condition of amicus curiae in leading cases, including presentation of oral arguments.

6 .

Courts in general. Draft and submit briefs and present oral arguments.

7 .

Labor Union Law. Represent clients both in and out-of-court mediation and collective bargaining; court-advised collective agreements involving wages and strikes; enforcement actions; actions against a threat of nuisance; class actions; actions for a provisional remedy.

8 .

Special and strategic proceedings. Represent clients in civil actions in the public interest; actions for termination of employment agreements; actions for writ of mandamus; actions to review employees’ benefits; actions for annulment of notice of violation; labor claims involving expatriates, officers, and also work-related diseases and accidents; third party’s motions to stay execution.

9 .

Litigation. Management of labor liabilities and representation of clients in labor cases at all levels of the Judiciary Branch.