Your conflicts are our conflicts. Engagement and knowledge of the business activity to solve your problem.

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We believe that your disputes are our disputes, which means that we act proactively in the search for a better solution to solve them. In order to optimize the results, we must thoroughly know your business. We will spare no effort to engage with you and provide the fastest and most efficient solution.

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To this effect, we master all the dispute resolution techniques, including a portfolio of different methods and deliverable solutions that may act separately or jointly, depending on the nature of the dispute, the parties involved, the financial and nonfinancial amounts at stake. Modern advocacy requires a thorough knowledge of several techniques and, in this sense, we see Justice as a multi-door entrance, a shelf from which one may choose the best technique applicable to the dispute and to you, client.

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Your investment with us is predictable. You will know how much you will pay at the end of the job. The best solution for your conflict will be provided at an agreed price, with transparency and security.

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Lean and organized structure with the support of information technology tools to optimize the operational part of the job, leaving more time for strategic action.

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You will contact us and, on the other side of the device, you will find us always ready to talk about your legal dispute issues.

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Our job also involves partnership in managing your legal risks. Such engagement, which constitutes one of our main strategic targets, will allow us to identify and treat in advance any potential risks to which the company may be exposed.

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Our solid technical and academic background is aligned with the most contemporaneous subjects and issues discussed throughout the world. We are always looking forward to improving and developing the law applied to companies and government.

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We act in arbitration chambers in Brazil and abroad, including in order to better understand how it works and dealing with arbitration as a social phenomenon.