Corporate Governance
and Compliance

Necessary Corporate Governance and Compliance to assure your company’s longevity and social function.

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Adrian Cadbury defined in a very simple and direct way his understanding of Corporate Governance. Since then, Governance has not only been about how companies are managed and controlled, but also about some of the most careful issues to society, such as gender equity, wage inequality, social inclusion in companies, retribution from the company to society and respect for the environment. We are abreast and ready to advise our clients on the most modern practices of Corporate Governance.

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We know in depth the conflicts that arise out of the relationship between owners and between owners and agents, mastering the tools to ensure that the damage they can cause be minimum. The design and maintenance of the companies´ governance structure are the key aspects to ensure transparency, accountability, compliance and equity, and our team has the expertise to plan and implement it. The company of the 21st Century cannot operate without the best practices of Corporate Governance.

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We are aware of and take into account the special aspect of a family business regarding succession, leadership, professionalization and the implementation of a power structure. The practices and techniques of Corporate Governance provided by our team are able to ensure that the family business does not collapse when the third generation takes over.

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The day-to-day of councils and committees are our challenge in a joint search for the best solution for you. We are aware that knowing your business well is largely responsible for the adoption of the best Corporate Governance practices in the way the internal control bodies work.

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We are efficient in anticipating conflicts and legal liability of companies’ members and managers.

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Our leitmotif is conformity. The risks of corruption, fraud, money laundering and other financial and non-financial unlawful acts make us seek the best delivery and monitoring of an effective and continuous integrity program, in order to mitigate the risks in connection with nonconformity. Ethical codes of conduct and control structures, in addition to investigations, sanctions and internal processes are some of the methods we like to engage our clients in.

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The academic and technical experience of our team of professionals, who are professors at the main business schools in Brazil, cause the strategies they adopt for the companies to be aligned with the most modern and internationally established best practices.

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